Howarth of London – Proud distributor for Udo Heng ‘Reeds ‘n Stuff’ Double Reed Machinery

Howarth of London are delighted to announce they are now the UK distributor for Reeds ’n Stuff reed-making equipment.

Reeds ’n Stuff are renowned German makers of high quality, precision oboe and bassoon reed-making products, and we are pleased to be able to stock a full range of their machines and equipment from June 2012.  Bringing these specialist items into stock in the UK, Howarth of London are able to offer customers the chance to view and try some of the products under the guidance of specialist staff, fully trained by Reeds ‘n Stuff director Udo Heng.

Our inventory includes, amongst other products:

Reeds ‘n Stuff (Udo Heng) Oboe Pre Gouging Machine

Reeds ‘n Stuff (Udo Heng) Oboe Profiling Machine

Reeds ‘n Stuff (Udo Heng) Oboe Gouging Machine

–          Pre-gouging machine

–          Profiling machine

–          Shaping machine (including all the        Jordanov shaper forms)

–          Tube cane splitters

–          Dial Indicators

–          Digital hardness tester

–          Oboe and bassoon reed tip cutters

–          Cane Guillotine

–          Dial radius gauge

–          Bevel edge knives

–          Hollow ground knives

–          Oboe pre-gouger + pusher

These precision tools are the best available on the market and the quality is second to none.  Udo Heng has revolutionised the way professional players make reeds.   The gouging and profiling machines can be adjusted to the finest tolerance, giving astoundingly accurate results that are consistently high in quality.

 Howarth Artist, Gordon Hunt  says:

“The right gouge is the heart of making a good reed, The new gouging machine from ‘Reeds n’ Stuff’ has transformed my reedmaking with its accuracy and simplicity of use.  I wish I had owned one years ago!”

You can now view our full range please click here or call to speak to our double reed department. They will be able to go through the whole range with you.

+44 (0)2079352407


About Howarth of London

Woodwind Specialists - Howarth are leading suppliers of oboes, bassoons, clarinets, saxophones and flutes. Makers of fine oboes, cors anglais & oboes d'amore.
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