K1X Rumberger Telex Pickup Fitting To Your Instrument at Howarth of London

Sound production at Howarth of London is expanding even further with our ability to provide audio solutions for your woodwind instruments in a variety of different forms.

We are able to supply and fit pick-ups to your instrument, enabling you to amplify your sound in environments where musicians would normally find it difficult to be heard amongst electronic instruments. Our Audio Solutions Specialist – Philip Evans has written an article on the problems that musicians face when amplifying themselves. Please feel free to view it here:

Philip Evans – Woodwind Instrument Sound Reinforcement Problems and Pick up Microphones

We have been successful in fitting these pick-ups to saxophones and clarinets resulting in positive feedback from customers. This method of amplification is compact, easy to use and convenient for varying performance scenarios such as: loud electronic environments and electro-acoustic compositions.

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K1X Rumberger Telex Pickup for Musical Instruments at Howarth of London

“Pick up microphones:

Sometimes known as ‘piezoelectric’ microphones are different as they capture sound by converting vibrations into an electrical signal via a pressure sensitive material. This makes the ‘pick-up’ microphone less sensitive to extremes of the frequency spectrum and must be placed very close to the sound source to give an accurate sound image.

With woodwind instruments the optimum place for this is just after the reed, before the sound has had a chance to be affected by body resonance. Generally this requires accessing the sound directly by forming a small hole in the crook and mounting the microphone flush with the inside of the bore of the neck to minimise any acoustical effects on the instrument.”

Philip Evans – Audio Solution Specialist

Saxophone Neck PickUp Amplification

Please call the store for fitting costs if required.

To find the pick-ups we have available here at Howarth

please click here

Please listen to our Audio Solution Specialist – Philip Evans, demonstrating how these pick-ups work on the saxophone and other instruments:

To speak to Philip Evans – Audio Specialist about these pick-ups and fitting then please call 020 7935 2407

or email sax@howarth.uk.com

About Howarth of London

Woodwind Specialists - Howarth are leading suppliers of oboes, bassoons, clarinets, saxophones and flutes. Makers of fine oboes, cors anglais & oboes d'amore.
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