D’Addario Reserve: Clarinet Mouthpieces and Reeds

A good mouthpiece and reed are fundamental to any clarinettists set up. With so many options out there, it is often difficult to decide where to start and what to try. D’Addario’s line of Reserve clarinet mouthpieces and reeds may be your answer.

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Until the end of January 2020 buy any reserve mouthpiece, receive a free box of reserve reeds and receive 10% of your next two boxes (applicable for clarinet and saxophone).

The most recent addition to D’Addario’s clarinet accessories is the Reserve Evolution collection; complete with two mouthpieces and a new cut of reed.

D’Addario Reserve Evolution Bb Clarinet Mouthpieces

Developed with modern technology, these new mouthpieces are made to strict tolerances to produce a quality product that can be relied on. Milled, rather than moulded, from hard rubber to keep greater consistency.

A flexible mouthpiece the Reserve Evolution allows clarinettists to play in a wide variety of musical styles.


Reserve Evolution

These mouthpieces are designed with the clarinettist in mind. They play with a warm, direct sound, allow ease of articulation and quick response. The mouthpiece has a bright tone.

Perfect for any professional or progressing player looking for a free-blowing mouthpiece with good projection of sound.


Reserve Evolution Marble

Allowing players options in sound and response, D’Addario have released a marble version of the Evolution in addition.

Maintaining the ease in articulation and response of the standard model, the Marble version contrasts with a darker, broader sound.

D’Addario Reserve Clarinet Reeds

D’Addario’s Reserve line of clarinet reeds comes in the different cuts; Reserve, Reserve Classic and Reserve Evolution. All reeds are made in their USA factory, engineered for exceptional performance and consistency.

Andrew Marriner, who is a D’Addario Artist, chooses the Reserve line as they ‘provide exactly the right amount of flexibility for [his] needs.’ He also compliments their ‘consistency’ which ‘saves [him] both time and money.’

The consistency of the Reserve reeds is a result of D’Addario’s pioneering of ‘the first practical and precise system to digitally measure and cut the incredibly complex geometrical patterns necessary to reinvent single reeds.’

Each reed has specific designs of blank, vamp, tip corners and tip thickness to shape the sound, response and projection.



Made with a traditional blank, the Reserve produces a focused sound. The shorter vamp creates an even response. Rounded tip corners enable a warmer sound and standard tip thickness are designed for quick response. The Reserve has a shorter vamp for even response.

The Reserve reed is available in strengths 2.5 to 4.5.


Reserve Classic

A thicker blank than the Reserve, allowing for a greater depth in sound. The longer vamp of this reed allows greater flexibility in response and shaping sound. A thicker tip enables easy, clear articulation and the reed is designed with squared tip corners for ease of response.

The Reserve Classic reed is available in strengths 2 to 4.5.

evo copy

Reserve Evolution

With the thickest blank of D’addario’s Reserve line, the Reserve Evolution supports a round sound. A heavy spine on the reed is designed for increased projection. They have a thicker tip, this allows for responsive articulation and a warm, flexible tone.

Playing on the Reserve Evolution himself, Andrew Marriner comments ‘these reeds give great flexibility of sound and articulation.’

The Reserve Evolution is Available in strengths 2.5 to 4.

Now you have read about them, hear and feel the characteristics for yourself. In our London Showrooms and online you can purchase any of the Reserve reeds as singles or boxes, next time you need more reeds try these alongside your current setup. You can also try out both mouthpieces both in our testing rooms and on approval.

Find the products on our website; https://www.howarth.uk.com/textsearch.aspx?what=reserve+clarinet+bb+

For more information contact our clarinet department on 02079352407 or clarinet@howarth.uk.com.


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  1. Vijay Lazarus says:

    So very exciting to learn that there is room for these technical advances in this age of rush. Thanks for informing me of this.
    Vijay Lazarus

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