Gift Guide 2019


Looking for inspiration for seasonal gifts? Look no further than our Gift Guide! From stocking fillers priced as low as £1.95 to unique homeware pieces, at Howarth of London we stock the perfect presents for musicians of any age and proclivity. Explore our range of musical gifts below…




With prices starting at just £1.95, these novelty items are perfect stocking fillers to brighten up an instrument case.

  1. Badges (£1.95) These fun novelty 1.25″ badges make the perfect small gift for the oboe or bassoon player.

2. Oboe Bell Keyring (£10.00)  Made out of the same African Blackwood which our oboes are made from, this keyring is fun and functional. Cor anglais bell keyrings also available.

3. Instrument Keyring (£2.50) This funky rubber oboe keyring will brighten up the case or keys of any oboe enthusiast.  Bassoon, clarinet, and saxophone keyrings also available.

4. Bear Keyring (£4.00) A friendly addition to your bag!


Who said that practising and learning music theory can’t be fun? These games help you increase your musical knowledge whilst providing fun along the way!

5. ‘Da Capo’: The Music Theory Card Game (£17.99) An exciting and nerdy new card game developed by musicians for musicians. The concept is easy to grasp; play notation cards in the right order, be the first to discard all your cards, and take everyone else down along the way with as many action cards as you can get your hands on. 

6. Rachel Broadbent’s ‘The Practice Challenge’ (£3.50) Suitable for all woodwind players, this game is designed to help students practice efficiently. The card and dice combination helps students learn how to practice. As part of each practice session they do they should roll the dice three times and follow the instructions on the card for each of the dice throws. 


Whether you need a diary to organise your rehearsal schedule, or you just want to add a musical touch to your luggage, our organisational products have you covered.

7. Bassoon Luggage Tag (£4.99) White leather luggage tag with bassoon image. Clarinet, saxophone, and general woodwind luggage tags also available.

8. Sticky Notes (£2.50) Compact books of sticky notes with the covers of various famous Classical pieces.

9. The Beethoven 2020 Diary (£9.99) Designed for the 250th anniversary of Beethoven’s birth, this diary contains information, quotations, and colour illustrations relating to one of the most famous composers of all time. 

10. The Music Diary 2020 (£7.99) Perfect for any musician wanting to keep organised, Boosey and Hawkes have released three attractive diaries in black, red, and green.



For the musician who has everything, why not get them something they can use?

11. Korg CA-2 Chromatic Tuner (£14.00) Delivering high precision and ease of use, this tuner is easy to fit into most case covers and provides stable tuning functionality in any situation from personal practice to ensembles and concert practice.

12. Oboes. Ch Chinese Silk Oboe 3 Reed Case (£18.50) A gift that is both practical and beautiful, this reed case can protect three oboe reeds in style! Reed cases are available for oboe, bassoon, clarinet, or saxophone reeds in various sizes, colours, and materials.

13. Wittner Traditional Metronome- Wood Case (£139.00) Wittner metronomes demonstrate exquisite German craftsmanship, classic style, gorgeous craftsmanship, and precise accuracy. Available with coloured plastic, wood effect, and wooden cases.

14. Montford Music Carrier Case (£19.99) Available in several colours, these music carry cases are great presents for students and professionals alike. They are lightweight, soft to the touch and feature an embossed, original Montford Crest on the front opening flap.


For those who love music, there is no better gift than a household item which they can admire every day.

15. Howarth Mug (£11.95) This beautiful bone china mug with attractive oboe design is an ideal gift for the oboe enthusiast. Manufactured using high quality hand-applied enamel printing technology, the mug is colour fade resistant, oven, microwave and dishwasher safe.

16. Howarth Oboe Christmas Tree Decoration (£10.50) A delightful decoration for the Christmas tree for oboists everywhere! Bassoon, clarinet, and saxophone ornaments also available.

17. iHDesign Quaver Clock (£40.00) This lovely music themed clock in the shape of a quaver is available in four different woods – English Oak, Mahogany, Bubinga, and Ash complete with quartz clock. 20cm x 7cm x 7cm (circular base)

18. iHDesign Treble Clef Clock (£85.00) This clock in the shape of a treble clef with a beautiful exposed mechanism design is available in two different woods – English Oak and Mahogany. 45cm x 16cm x 3cm


If you would like more information about any of the products you’ve seen above, please contact us at our London shop on 020 7935 2407 or email . All prices correct at time of publishing.

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