5 Minutes with… Howarth Dealers | Eva Ries

For our next instalment of ‘5 Minutes with… Howarth Dealers’ we are excited to introduce you to Eva Ries of Eva Ries Meisterwerkstatt für Oboen.

Having spent some years working in our factory in Worthing, Eva was an instrumental part in the development of the Howarth-Redgate oboe. With her first-hand knowledge of our instruments and excellent repair skills it is definitely worth visiting her in beautiful Lübeck.

What is the name of your shop?

Eva Ries Meisterwerkstatt für Oboen

Where are you based?

Lübeck, Schleswig Holstein, Germany.

Tell us about your music education and career!

I received my training as a woodwind instrument maker from Ingolf Mattern in Hamburg from 1995-1998. This was followed by 7 years as technician in the oboe workshop of Jörg Huttenlocher in Tübingen. In 2005 I passed the master’s examination in Munich and was awarded the “Meisterpreis” from the Bavarian state government.

From 2006-2014 I worked in oboe making at Howarth of London :-). A high point of my work was the co-development and the construction of the Howarth-Redgate oboe, developed for the oboist Chris Redgate.

In July 2014 I opened my workshop in Lübeck.

Why did you decide to open the shop?

I decided I’d like to work closer with oboists and the best way to achieve that was to open my own workshop.

After much thought I decided Germany was the best place to do this and especially the lovely city of Lübeck.

How long have you been stocking Howarth oboes?

Seven years.

 What is your favourite Howarth oboe and why?

My favorite instrument to play is my Howarth Cocobolo XL Oboe d’amore and my favorite Howarth instrument to sell is the S40c Oboe: happy students…happy parents.. happy teachers.. happy me 🙂

Contact Eva

0451/ 30405700



Follow Eva on Instagram!

About Howarth of London

Woodwind Specialists - Howarth are leading suppliers of oboes, bassoons, clarinets, saxophones and flutes. Makers of fine oboes, cors anglais & oboes d'amore.
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