The Howarth Junior Oboe In Action!

Howarth Junior Oboe LogoThe Howarth Junior oboe is our ‘starter’ instrument, designed especially to allow younger children to make the best start.

Too often the oboe is characterised by being complicated and difficult, especially for beginners who can be put off playing this beautiful woodwind instrument. Our experience with the Howarth Mini-Bassoon and Tenoroon, (a brilliant way of enabling young children to learn the bassoon, as demonstrated in the video below) persuaded us to think about applying the same approach to the oboe – making an instrument that is appropriate to a young child who wants to start the oboe. In the case of the oboe it is not necessary to shrink it like the mini-bassoon, but instead to reduce the mechanism so that it is lighter and simpler for the inexperienced player (and cheaper for the person buying it!).

We have therefore simplified the key mechanism by removing complexity, weight, risk of damage and simultaneously reduced the cost to build it. All this, whilst keeping standard fingerings to allow for easy progression onto more advanced models. The body uses the design of a standard Howarth student oboe for a good sound and good intonation, with essential features for a beginner to make best progress.

What we hadn’t fully realised as we were designing the Junior oboe, is that it has the same range as a late 18th / early 19th -century oboe. We were astonished when we heard some professional players vying to out-play each other with some Pasculli! So here is some footage of professional players having a blast!


Gordon Hunt – Principal Oboe of The Philharmonia Orchestra
Celia Craig – President of the Australasian Double Reed Society & Principal Oboe of the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra
Jeff Crellin – Principal Oboe of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
Anne Gilby – Founder & Ex-President of the Australasian Double Reed Society

To demonstrate how a Howarth Junior Oboe can be successful for young children, watch 10 year old Adelina Orwin, from Christchurch, NZ, performing Besozzi Sonata in C for Oboe (1st and 2nd Movements). We are sure you will agree – it is a fantastically mature performance!

Howarth Junior Oboes are available for both purchase and rental via the Howarth of London website!

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