Single Reed News May 2013

Second Hand Mouthpieces – Last few days remaining! 

There is only a few days left of the Second Hand Mouthpiece Month here at Howarth. At the end of May the mouthpieces will be returned to their owners so take the opportunity to  look though the list before it is too late! You can view our full list here:

Howarth of London Second Hand Mouthpiece Sale

Second Hand Mouthpiece List

– Including –

Kaspar  ·  Berg Larsen  ·  Charles Bay  ·  Boosey & Hawkes

Buffet Senzo Alto Saxophone – London Arrival *25th June 2013*

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Howarth of London would like to welcome you  to attend the arrival of the new Buffet Senzo Alto Saxophone!

With the launch of the Senzo, Buffet Crampon announces the rebirth of their professional saxophone range. Senzo, which means ancestor in Japanese, combines Buffet Crampon’s tradition of musical excellence with a sensual and modern approach.

Inspired by the legendary Super Dynaction and S1 models, this new saxophone retains the brand’s distinctive round, sensual and emotional sound with major improvements.
Special attention has been given to the neck’s bore to increase the flexibility of play throughout the saxophone’s register. An optional bore with increased projection and a lighter timbre is also available along with a silver or gold finish. A magnificent hand-made floral engraving brings out the pure copper used in manufacturing the instrument’s body.

“The ‘Senzo’ is an exquisite classical saxophone. The fluidity of the key work, secure intonation and the variety of finishes offer an instrument that will appeal to all.”

Olivia Wild – Howarth of London commenting on trying the ‘Senzo’ at Frankfurt Musikmesse 2013

We look forward to seeing you at Howarth of London where there will be instruments available to try and you will have the opportunity to speak to Buffet Representatives directly involved with the production and design of this new instrument!

Backun Protégé Clarinets

Backun Musical Services’ Protégé Clarinet is here in the UK! – In December 2012, Morrie Backun visited Howarth of London to display his range of clarinets to players from all over the country, Europe and beyond! Part of that range is the Protégé clarinet.

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“The perfect fit for students, amateurs and aspiring professionals. An affordable professional instrument, the Protégé Bb Clarinet is the next logical step between beginner and Artist models.”

The Backun Protégé Clarinet is available in Grenadilla or Cocobolo wood with a variety of key finishes including Gold, Rose Gold and Silver Plate. These clarinets compliment the Backun range we stock here at Howarth, maintaining the quality of the professional clarinets at an affordable price. We have these instruments readily available to try and we look forward to seeing you!

Buffet Student Bass Clarinet to Eb

At Frankfurt Musikmesse 2013 our Clarinet Specialist had the opportunity to test out the new student bass clarinet on the market!

We will be receiving a stock of these new basses in June 2013, where they will be featured along side the arrival of the Buffet Senzo Alto Saxophone on Tuesday 25th June. This new bass clarinet is a great opportunity for students to learn on a reliable and quality instrument at a low cost.

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Saxophone Sale List

We are offering large reductions on featured brands for a limited time only. The saxophones available include:

Yamaha – Yanagisawa – Selmer – Keilwerth – Trevor James

For example….
Yamaha YTS Z Unlacquered – £3500.00
SAVE £700 – now £2800.00

Yamaha YBS 62 Baritone Saxophone – £5753.00
SAVE £576 – now £5177.00

To view the full list of saxophones on sale click here
Please contact the saxophone department for availability and orders worldwide:

There’s always a good deal on pre-owned saxophones! You can view our second-hand saxophones by clicking here

Buffet ICON Barrel

The new Buffet ICON Barrels available here at Howarth of London

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The new line of Buffet Crampon barrels joins the series of barrels by Chadash and Moennig and belongs to the same family of conical bores, while standing out with its sophisticated and different proportions.

Acoustic Characteristics:

The barrels have three different ring finishes, each offering distinct responses to the player.

ICON barrels are extremely supple in every register and the different finishes produce interesting acoustical variations.

Gold produces more high harmonics and timbre.

Silver frees up and rounds out the sound.

Black Nickel seems to stand halfway between the two, producing a more compact effect.

Yamaha CSG III Clarinets at Howarth of London

The CSG III represents the latest incarnation of Yamaha’s renowned line of professional clarinets. Assisted by the international soloist Michael Collins, this model aims to allow artists total freedom of expression.

Yamaha; clarinet; csg; iii; howarth; of; london; dawkes; howarths; howorths; cs_g; cs-g iii; csg 3; gold key; gold; lever; olivia; wild; Yamaha Custom CSG III Clarinet Gold Key Lever at Howarth of London; olivia wild; Yamaha Custom CSG III Clarinet Gold Key Lever

Inspired by German Oehler system clarinets, the CSGIII features a slightly plump barrel and thick-walled bell which aid in the production of a deep tone, rich in harmonics and with a clear projection. Ergonomically-designed new key shapes offer the player a comfortable and natural touch, with the option of either silver or Hamilton (Gold) plating allowing for further customisation. Both cork and leather pads are optimally placed to maximise on their tonal quality, touch and functionality, and new tonehole designs allow for an even intonation and a uniformed response throughout the full range of the instrument. An optional intonation correction mechanism, again inspired by the Oehler system and original to Yamaha, controls the low E and F notes. This system assures natural finger control, excellent feel and playability.

In all, the Yamaha CSG III stands at the pinnacle of contemporary clarinet design. The collaboration between international performing artists and the unparalleled expertise of Yamaha’s design team has produced a clarinet of breath taking facility and possibility.

The full range of finishes are available to try here in our London showrooms.

For any more information on any of these items, please email

or call +44 (0)20 7935 2407

Contact Howarth of London

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