Synthetic Howarth Oboes

HowarthSyntheticTopJointWe have been motivated to find a material that is stable in dry environments, and can now offer players further protection with joints made entirely from synthetic materials. They are carefully chosen for their acoustic properties, and are:

 · Reliable ·

 · Distinct ·

 · Sonorous ·

 · Durable ·

You can be confident in your instrument when there are variations in humidity or temperature. It does not require any playing in period, and retains stable intonation. Available in black and exciting new colour combinations to make your instrument unique to you.


“The peace of mind is worth so much more than the top joint will ever cost!” Celeste Johnson

If an instrument is played in a place with a dry atmosphere (hot or cold), the player’s moist breath going through the instrument can cause the wood to move slightly in different directions, leading to stresses in the wood. In particularly cold environments and buildings the warmth of the player’s breath will also cause movement in the wood. This can lead to the grain opening and the instrument splitting. In response to this risk, we have designed a range of models that offers protection against the changes in humidity and temperature.

For further protection, we have developed joints that are made entirely from synthetic materials. These are not vulnerable to variations in humidity or temperature, and can offer complete protection against splitting. We have carefully chosen materials for their acoustic properties to ensure the instruments produce the tone quality that is expected of Howarth instruments.

We offer the option of a synthetic top joint for all models of oboes and English horns. These can be purchased as part of a complete instrument with a wooden bottom joint and bell. For Howarth professional models we offer the option of a standalone joint made from a special material that replicates the appearance of wood, which we have called ‘Cocojazz’. An example is shown on the image to the right of this text.

Fully synthetic instruments are available for S20c, S40c, S50, and professional model oboes. As the synthetic material is not affected by humidity, temperature, or moisture at the tenons, these oboes do not require metal-lined sockets and tenons.

You can see some examples of the joint in the flyer below:


About Howarth of London

Woodwind Specialists - Howarth are leading suppliers of oboes, bassoons, clarinets, saxophones and flutes. Makers of fine oboes, cors anglais & oboes d'amore.
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